Jacob Carlborg, el 28 de May a las 08:18 me escribiste:
> On 28/05/14 00:15, Leandro Lucarella wrote:
> >I think they should be uploaded all ASAP and then you can do "official"
> >announcements in reddit or wherever you thinks it's best to promote the
> >language. But really, introducing artificial waiting time for people
> >ALREADY interested and using the language in the name of marketing is
> >really annoying!
> Yeah, I completely agree. It's like when movies were first released
> in the movie theaters, then, a year later on DVD. Now days people
> expect them to be released almost at the same time for
> streaming/downloading.

Maybe we need an underground group that leaks D talks in bittorrent so
we can get them fresh 8-)

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