I've made an attempt at porting Richard Lord's Ash component/entity system to 
It was mainly an exercise in learning about component/entity systems.

It tries to remain faithful to the API of ash, but there were some aspects of 
ActionScript that did not map cleanly.

It passes all the unit tests - but I've not yet ported the demonstration game 
(asteroids) to it yet (this will be done when I have time to grok openGL or 
SDL). Documentation is sparse. Not tested under windows - only linux.

If this is of any use to anyone, I'd like to know !  (improvements/suggestions 

It has a dub file, and will produce a library using it but not the unit tests. 
The native build tool is bub - a build tool that will build/test complex 
projects across multiple languages (currently D/C++/C) (it is a work in 
- e.g. documentation output is lacking)


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