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On Saturday, 24 May 2014 at 07:20:49 UTC, Denis Shelomovskij
20.05.2014 17:46, FrankLike пишет:
DGui need some other controls,such as

There is no plan to add new controls and I don't see any lacking ones.

One can use `paint` event to draw image on button and there is
`GridPanel` (with usage example `grid.d`) so I don't understand why
`GridView` is needed and what is its purpose. Also I don't know what
is `DataView` for.

DGui is really fantastic, it is easy to use and without a big
overhead. What I experienced, developers coming from other
frameworks might miss a horizontal/vertical layout. This would be
much easier than using a grid for this purpose. Also some more
examples could boost the popularity of DGui. Especially, how can
I create create my own controls?

Horizontal/vertical layout can be achieved using `Control.dock` property.

I will think about examples and documentation improvements.

What would be really nice for business developer would be a
specific Stringgrid control (like delphi/lazarus has). Here an
example http://i.stack.imgur.com/FJFiN.gif

Use `ListView` and `TreeView` classes.

Do you accept pull requests if developers provide you new stuff
for DGui?

Yes, but I strongly recommend to contact me first to plan and synchronize activities to prevent useless time wasting.

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