On Sunday, 1 June 2014 at 09:20:01 UTC, Marco Leise wrote:
I moved Dlang related ebuild to a new repository under the
Gentoo organization on GitHub a while ago. It is available
through "layman" as "dlang". (Not to be confused with the
outdated "d" overlay there.)

Information in the Gentoo Wiki:

Link to the repository on GitHub:

Thank you for that repository Marco. It's a great help.

Have you thought about adding dub to the repository? I wrote a minimal ebuild that's available here: https://gitorious.org/edder_ebuilds/edder_ebuilds/raw/245737b6d422c952005e5e6acb170fe6704728be:dev-d/dub/dub-0.9.21.ebuild

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