Lot's of smaller improvements in this release, please have a look at the full change log. Some notable points:

 - Various additions to the web framework package [1], including
   compile-time localization support

 - New graph based (DFA) match algorithm for the URLRouter,
   making match performance independent of the number of registered

 - Incoming SSL connections by default now use perfect forward secrecy
   on all major browsers

 - Several improvements to the serialization system (new @asArray
   annotation, support custom serialization representations and more)

 - Reduction of memory allocations in several places

The full list of changes/fixes can be found at

Homepage: http://vibed.org/
DUB package: http://code.dlang.org/packages/vibe-d
GitHub: https://github.com/rejectedsoftware/vibe.d

[1]: http://vibed.org/docs#web-interface-generator

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