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> > http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/27911b/conversation_with_andrei_alexandrescu_all_things/
> wtf, the "Mid Quality" video is 1280x720 resolution HD video,
> guess they think every programmer has a super-fast internet
> connection. ;) The mp4 for Android/iPhone is a bandwidth-friendly
> 640x360 resolution.

Well, regardless of the internet connection speeds, I would have considered
720p to be "mid quality," but I work with video for a living and tend to be a
bit of a videophile. Between work and doing stuff like messing with encoding
settings for transcoding Blu-rays, I've pretty much been ruined. I practically
can't watch DVDs anymore, and even Blu-rays frequently look pretty bad to me.

But obviously, streaming high quality video over the internet can be expensive
(and networks tend to behave badly even when you're just streaming a lot of
video locally).

- Jonathan M Davis

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