On Tuesday, 10 June 2014 at 10:21:39 UTC, bearophile wrote:
I have appreciated to use this generator (but I am not yet sure how much good it is. I have seen it's fast and sufficiently good for some of my simpler purposes):

Should be straightforward enough to implement. :-)

Is it worth having a fully pure generator that takes a constant state and returns the modified state? (The state should be small, so Mersenne Twister is not fit for this). Writing such generator is easy, but then how do you use it with the API of the functions of the random module?

The API as given is of course designed to create ranges of random variates, and that in turn means that you're dealing with weakly pure class methods.

However, I don't see any reason why one couldn't have a strongly pure function that purely transforms state, which could be wrapped by an RNG class or otherwise used as needed.

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