The same set of available files are also here:

NOTE: The amd64 linux build is listed as available, but it's not, yet.

On 7/3/14, 6:13 PM, Andrew Edwards via Digitalmars-d-announce wrote:
A number of technical difficulties resulted in a delayed beta review. The 
review period has
commenced and will continue until 0700 UTC (0000 PDT) 14 July 2014. Your 
assistance in identifying
and reporting bugs are greatly appreciated.

Binaries are located here:






* Note: installers are not yet available for Linux or Windows, please check 
back again as they will
be uploaded upon availability.

You can find find a list of changes that have occurred since the release 
2.065.0 at [1]. I'm looking
for a better way but this should provide an good idea as to what has changed 
since the last release.

Request assistance in identifying non-breaking changes (fixes) for inclusion in 
the 2.065.1 point
release. I need assistance with this because I do not have the expertise to 
determine what goes into
the point release. If nothing is identified, I will abandon the idea of 
providing point releases.

A big thanks to the developers who have dedicated their time and effort to 
making improvements to
the language and making this release possible.

A issues ([1] & [2]) have been created for identifying commits that require 
cherry picking for
inclusion in future beta/release candidates. Commits not identified will not be 


[2] [Cherry-pick v2.066.0-b2]
[3] [Cherry-pick v2.065.1-b1]

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