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> I finally watched it (I failed to survive the long over-nighters until 10am
> to watch this one live >_<).
> I want to offer congratulation and thanks to Iain for this work!
> For me, this is perhaps the single most important work in the D ecosystem
> yet this year, and for me, I think the debugging environment remains the
> single most significant hurdle to confident and practical adoption of D in
> industry.

Thanks Manu.  I guess I'll be having trouble finding the next most
important work in the D ecosystem next year. ;)

> It brings me to the interesting realisation (which I already knew, I have
> just been denying), that for D to proceed on Windows, MSVC will have to
> go... and I don't know how to go about this :/
> MS's debugger will presumably never support these features, but the de facto
> Windows toolchain emit's PDB for use with the MS tools. I wonder if there
> are competing debuggers that support PDB which could support unofficial
> extensions to PDB which may express D better?

Zerobugs was aimed at D users back when it was a commercial product.
It has since been released under a boost licensed for a couple years
now, but has into gone into obscurity (I think?).

Link: http://zerobugs.codeplex.com
Couple of clones on github too: https://github.com/search?q=zerobugs

Being written against GTK, it's UI should be cross-platform to
Windows, so it *could* be a good base project to start from, then
build Windows debugging support into it.  Someone else will need to do
initial reviewing and triaging of this stuff (we need a new


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