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You mean http://issues.dlang.org? That's used regularly.
oh, really? https://issues.dlang.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12853

Whatcha waiting for? reports + pull requests please. Thanks! -- Andrei
have no motivation. and no, i'm neither using github, nor planning to
use it in the current millenia.

I'm sure you have your reasons. The problem with an attitudes like this is they're a proxy for further and larger difficulties in working with a person. We're shorthanded enough to not pander to such. If you go to any OSS community, each has a way of doing things and can't possibly be accepting of anyone's idiosyncrasies.

that's why i'm saying that
issues.dlang.org is just a dust collector: no guthub pull request? your
bug will sit in issues.dlang.org for indefinite time.

so what is the sense in issues.dlang.org existence? it should be closed
to stop frustrating people.

There would be a lot more frustration if the tracker didn't exist. It seems you're not willing to look beyond one bug report that's not two months old. There's a lot of activity going on.


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