In advancing to a reload system for Cmsed, I've built a directory skeleton generator[0].

It supports both lua and a simpler text file syntax.
An example of this is:

# Simple skeleton descriptor

dlfile livereload.txt livereload.txt

mkdir bin
mkdir deps
dlfile deps/package.json package.json

mkdir dynamic/config
mkdir dynamic/models
mkdir dynamic/public
mkdir dynamic/routes
mkdir dynamic/templates
mkdir dynamic/caches

mkdir static/config
mkdir static/models
mkdir static/public
mkdir static/routes
mkdir static/templates
mkdir static/caches

You can basically do everything you need with the simpler syntax except for conditional and input gathering or manipulation. Regex(find/replace) on files based upon the cli args is possible however.

I will be using a variation of this for Cmsed.
With regards to lua support, I've hooked up lua's require module system into the providers (github/bitbucket), so it is possible to require any file from a repository and use it as a required module.

I've also bound std.file and std.stdio into lua. So it should be possible to do almost anything you need if lua cannot do it natively.


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