On Friday, 18 July 2014 at 00:44:15 UTC, uri wrote:
On Thursday, 17 July 2014 at 20:57:10 UTC, Kiith-Sa wrote:
DSnips is a set of UltiSnips snippets for D (now with GIFs showing each snippet in action (image-heavy))


This is an attempt to overhaul the D snippets I got merged to UltiSnips (now a separate "vim-snippets" repository), as the previous snippets had quite a few bugs. The snippets should now be easy to use together/chain (e.g. an "imp" (import) snippet places the cursor on the beginning of the next line so "imp" can be used for another import, "wrap in try/catch" places the cursor to be ready to add more catch blocks, "module" license can be replaced by using another snippet inside it, etc.

There are some rather "intelligent" snippets, e.g. an operator builder for opBinary/opUnary/opOpAssign that will generate the skeleton for all operators typed in by the user, automatic DDoc Params: generation from function parameters, etc.

I want to eventually try to merge this back to the default repository, but I'd like some comments/criticism/ideas first. Should any snippets be removed? Added? Any problems with the current snippets? (the wrap in try/catch in the previous version had issues with wrapping indented text, for example)

Trying this out now. It's very good so far, nice work!


I made a blog post about DSnips, what to consider when designing snippets, etc:


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