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> DSnips is a set of UltiSnips snippets for D (now with GIFs showing each
> snippet in action (image-heavy))
> https://github.com/kiith-sa/DSnips
> This is an attempt to overhaul the D snippets I got merged to UltiSnips
> (now a separate "vim-snippets" repository), as the previous snippets had
> quite a few bugs. The snippets should now be easy to use together/chain
> (e.g. an "imp" (import) snippet places the cursor on the beginning of
> the next line so "imp" can be used for another import, "wrap in
> try/catch" places the cursor to be ready to add more catch blocks,
> "module" license can be replaced by using another snippet inside it,
> etc.
> There are some rather "intelligent" snippets, e.g. an operator builder
> for opBinary/opUnary/opOpAssign that will generate the skeleton for all
> operators typed in by the user, automatic DDoc Params: generation from
> function parameters, etc.
> I want to eventually try to merge this back to the default repository,
> but I'd like some comments/criticism/ideas first. Should any snippets be
> removed? Added? Any problems with the current snippets? (the wrap in
> try/catch in the previous version had issues with wrapping indented
> text, for example)

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