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Andrei Alexandrescu:

Despite Walter is used to "pipeline programming", so the next step is to
also handle failures and off-band messages in a functional way (without
exceptions and global error values) with two "parallel pipelines", here
named "Railway-Oriented Programming". This is one of the simplest
introductions (and he can skip the slides 19-53) that I have found of
this topic (that in the Haskell community is explained on the base of


Just read the slides, very interesting. I think it would be interesting to experiment with an Expected!T that holds an Algebraic!(T, Exception) as state, and a template like this (warning no slides no understanding, this is very sketchy):

template bind(alias fun) { ... }

such that given a function e.g.

int fun(string a, double b);

bind!fun is this function:

Expected!int bind!fun(Expected!string a, Expected!double b) {
  if (a.sux || b.sux) return composeExceptions(a, b);
  return fun(a.rox, b.rox);

There would also be bindNothrow:

Expected!int bindNothrow!fun(Expected!string a, Expected!double b) {
  if (a.sux || b.sux) return composeExceptions(a, b);
  try return fun(a.rox, b.rox);
  catch (Exception e) return e;

In Bugzilla there are already requests for some Railway-Oriented


Nice, but I think we need Expected!T in addition to Nullable!T.


This is not good; trying to see if conversion would succeed is almost as much work as doing it. We need a

Expected!To tryTo(From, To)(From source);

which produces the error but doesn't throw it.

I think no language extensions are needed for such kind of programming,


but of course built-in tuple syntax and basic forms of pattern matching
in switch (https://d.puremagic.com/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=596 ) improve
the syntax and make the code more handy, handy enough to push more D
programmers in using it.

No :o).

For some examples of those things in a system language, this page shows
some little examples of functional syntax for Rust:

We, too, could use a couple of full-time library designers on the roster...


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