On 7/26/14, 9:16 AM, bossfong wrote:
Am 26.07.2014 07:21, schrieb Andrei Alexandrescu:
On 7/25/14, 7:14 PM, Chuck Allison wrote:
I thought I’d let you know that the D add-in for the new Xamarin Studio
is out and operational. Xamarin runs on the 3 important application
platforms. It’s a good piece of work.



By sheer coincidence I installed Xamarin today. Took me only minutes to
get the D add-in to work and it's quite a hoot!

One thing I wish would work smoother - there's a new terminal window
opened each run. Ideally the window would be integrated within the IDE
and recycled.


Actually this can be configured in the project settings. Go to your
project's settings->Run->General and uncheck "Run in external console".
I haven't tried it, but I've heard the internal console doesn't have input.

Thanks, that worked! -- Andrei

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