On 6 August 2014 11:56, Robert M. Münch via Digitalmars-d-announce
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> On 2014-07-31 17:34:06 +0000, Iain Buclaw said:
>> GDC's revamped site is now live!
>> http://gdcproject.org
>> Techy details for those who are interested:
>> - Uses vibe.d as the web engine.
>> - Pages are written in markdown and compiled at runtime (separate thread
>> that watches for file changes).
>> - Redis memstore backend for caching compiled pages.
>> - Uses bootstrap for UI.
> The tech backend sounds cool. Any chance to get some more information
> (setup, complete stack, etc.) about it?

Stack is kept as simple as possible.  Only notable things I can say is:

- Apache used as a proxy *:80 <-> localhost:xxx
- Redis is configured to never write any data to disk.
- The application running the site itself is self-contained
- I have a separate (unprivileged) system account on the server to run
the application.
- Server is a Linode 2GB VM (https://www.linode.com/pricing)


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