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> GtkD is a D binding and OO wrapper of Gtk+ and is released on the LGPL
> license.
> The most notable changes in this release are the discontinuation of
> the support for D1, and better support for installing more than one
> version of GTK+ on Windows.
> A full list of changes is available in the change log:
> http://gtkd.org/changelog.html
> GtkD 2.4.0 is now available on gtkd.org:
> http://gtkd.org/download.html
> Unlike previous releases this one doesn't come with an update to the 
> latest release of GTK+. This is being worked on but changes in the
> gtk documentation means we need to switch to the gir files for
> generating the code.
good news, everyone! ;-)

it's sad that gtk+2 version is not in active developement anymore.
gtk+3 is abomination.

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