On Thursday, 7 August 2014 at 13:38:20 UTC, Kiith-Sa wrote:
On Wednesday, 6 August 2014 at 21:18:00 UTC, Gary Willoughby wrote:
On Wednesday, 6 August 2014 at 17:09:50 UTC, Kiith-Sa wrote:
## D:YAML 0.4.5 ##

For compatibility with DMD 2.065, I also made a "release" out of
the last
state of git master before 2.066 was required. See the release at


Great thanks. One tiny issue however is that v0.4.5 is not available via the dub registry. It looks like the registry has only picked up v0.5.0.

Is there any way to work this around?
(I'm not in charge of the dub package, and even if I were I don't see how I could force it to detect the older tag)

- the only thing I can think of right now is putting it into a separate repo and registering it as a separate package, which is rather unwieldy.

As far as I know, the DUB registry doesn't look at tags. It looks at branches that are in the repository. I think it only detects branches that are either numbered explicitly or are master.

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