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I'm maintaining this awesome-d list similar to other awesome-stuff lists on github, for keeping a hook on interesting D related links.


At first it was only for my personal use, but recently I got some ideas about it that could potentially contribute to the community, so here I am making this little announcement and invating all you awesome guys to help me :-)

The ideas are:

1. Awesome-People list that made D awesome.
2. A relation network on github projects

First one is about the awesome people, that is you guys. I've been lurking in this forum for many years (dating back to D1 days). But only recently, after watching the great dconf videos, have I realized that it is the awesome people that makes the language/ecosystem awesome. I want to know you. And I think the new comers of D would also like to know you, each one of you great guys who made a library/tool that make their programming life a better place.

For lack of information and for the respect of privacy, currently I have only listed Walter and Andrei on the list, <https://github.com/zhaopuming/awesome-d#people>. But I'd really like to know about other people here, like kenji the great bug killing machie always in the shadow, or bearophile who studied an endless list of languages and exploded bugzilla, and many other.

For privacy, I think it's best that only the descriptions provided by people themselves or really related people should be allowed, or at least a permission is acquired by the person. (Sorry Walter and Andrei, I haven't asked for your permissions. But you're the stars and public faces here :-), privacy for you is a past).

I think people would be interesting to know who you are, what have you done, what do you think about D and it's future, what are you interesting, etc. Maybe an interview is a better option, but I don't know how to do that here. Do you guys have any ideas?

For the second stuff, after I made the awesome-d list, the awesome-awesome list maintainer made a pull request to add mine to his list and connect. Then I found a list of awesome-c, awesome-clojure, and all other awesome lists:


which is very interesting and a good way to find information.

So the similar idea came to me: Why don't try to build a network about D stuff? D libs are scattered even in github--you don't have a good way to search for the libs you're interested in.

Now we have code.dlang.org, but it is also a one way list. Ideally it would be two way: if a person bumped into one of the D projects, and in the project there is a link that says "enlisted on code.dlang.org", then he can easily go to code.dlang.org and see what other interesting, related projects their are. This is very similar to what "for me on github" does, it makes a network.

Of couse, what I want to have is also "enlisted on awesome-d". Do you project maintainers think it's good?

One last request for help: You might noticed that I'm not a native english speaker, so there are many grammar or style problems in the awesome-d list, if you find any, please help me fix it.

Best Regards.


I like the idea to collect useful links, but more useful to collect all info on single portal. Integrate wiki, dlang, code.dlang.org, bugtracker, add some github integration via its api - dreams, the only dreams.

Wow, that is an interesting idea. And that page should be put on the first page of dlang.org :-)

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