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i always wonder how good people at finding various offences

I'm not offended.

and fascims everywhere.

It's pretty much the Nazi anthem. It doesn't get much more
fascist than that. Of course, someone can play with fascist
phrases without being a fascist or promoting fascism. As I said,
coming from an Israeli, it's probably benign. If the author was
German, I'd feel uneasy about it. And don't tell me that Germans
carelessly throwing around Nazi slogans isn't something to feel
uneasy about. The NPD (Nazi party) is in two Landtagen (state

i bet that such people are glad to censor

I'm not trying to censor anything. Neither am I convinced that
banning Nazi symbols, songs, etc (as we do in Germany) is the
right way to go. I think I'd rather have the Nazis wear
Hakenkreuz armbands than other, obscure symbols that I can't
identify. It's not like they stop existing when we ban their

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