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I'm open for suggestions for other tools and features to add to Dutyl(write them here, or preferably open GitHub issues with them)

Any idea if this plugin works in conjunction with YouCompleteMe?

YouCompleteMe will use the available omnifunc as a fallback if no semantic completer for the filetype is provided.
So, yes, it should work.

I looked a bit into YouCompleteMe to see if I can add a proper semantic completer. It appears that semantic completers run on the YCMD server rather then inside the Vim instance - which makes writing a semantic completer infeasible.

The semantic completer will need to be able to read the import paths and to invoke DCD. These two functionalities are implemented in Dutyl with VimScript - but to access these implementations it'll need to some interface to call these functions. I don't know if the YCDM-Vim interaction supports the server calling the client, or if Vim's own server-client mechanism can be used for it(which will require extra configuration), but at any rate it doesn't make much sense to use the completion server when the work is done in the Vim instance.

Another option is to reimplement that functionality in Python - but if the the import paths gathering, the DCD invokation, and the glue code that connects them are all reimplemented there is no point in making this part of Dutyl...

Also note that Dutyl sends the content of the current buffer to DCD, not the file saved on disc. This diffidently requires access to the Vim instance, and changing it is not an option unless you want to have to save before you autocomplete.

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