On Saturday, 23 August 2014 at 09:00:30 UTC, Kagamin wrote:
What is difficult to find? With flat structure you have all files right before your eyes. If you need std.datetime.systime module, you open std/datetime/systime.d file - that's the reason of needlessly restricting code structure with modules as if one size fits all.

It is the same reasoning as with deep filesystem hierarchies and, well, any data hierarchies - once the element (module / file) count becomes bigger than ~dozen you only really notice things you know to look for. Contrary to that deeply nested categorized hierarchies are easy to casually to search through if you don't know exact module name - just iteratively pick whatever package fits the theme until you find what you want.

I remember coding a bit in C#/.NET platform ages ago - it was totally possible to find relevant modules without even looking in docs, just using auto-complete through suggested package names for import. It was really positive experience for a newbie I was. At the same time a lot of people have no idea how many cool things Phobos actually has.

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