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6. This change (https://github.com/nsf/pnoise/commit/baadfe20c7ae6aa900cb0e4188aa9d20bea95918)

with GDC has no effect at all.

If I undo all of Edmund Smith's changes from today, use C's floor, and remove all the excessive function attributes, I get this

=== gcc -O3:
       0.141484117 seconds time
=== D (dmd):
       0.446634464 seconds time
=== D (ldc2):
       0.191059330 seconds time
=== D (gdc):
       0.226455762 seconds time

Then I add change only #6 above, and remove the excessive function attributes, I get this:
=== gcc -O3:
       0.137815809 seconds time
=== D (dmd):
       0.480525196 seconds time
=== D (ldc2):
       0.139659135 seconds time
=== D (gdc):
       0.131637220 seconds time

Approaching twice as fast for GDC.  That's significant to me.

Also, all those optimization flags should already be on with -O3. Here are the flags I'm using:

gcc -std=c99 -O3 -o bin_test_c_gcc test.c -lm
dmd -ofbin_test_d_dmd -O -noboundscheck -inline -release test.d
ldc2 -O3 -ofbin_test_d_ldc test.d -release
gdc -O3 -o bin_test_d_gdc test.d -frelease

Maybe I'll make a pull request for it. I don't think users should have to decorate their code like a Christmas tree and use a bunch of special compiler flags to get a well-behaved binary.


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