On Tuesday, 26 August 2014 at 07:06:57 UTC, eles wrote:
Apparently, all things have this tendency to get bloated. One of the main reasons for C's still unbelievable success is its slimness.

Yeah, I think C's success is directly linked to having a clear use scenario and avoiding being a "general purpose language" and having "minimal runtime" as the basic philosophy. With a strong focus on OS development it was locked to it's roots.

C++ was always perceived as more of an application level language, but was sometimes used as a C replacement because of convenient inlining and operator overloading. So people use it without RTTI, exceptions and ::std:: bloat…

I bet D would have been slimmer if it had been part of a OS project, but my gut feeling is that it is more work to slim down D than C++. I think D would greatly benefit from a high level IR that various "D dialects" could compile to. Then analyse the high level IR to determine what the runtime requirements are.

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