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On Thursday, 28 August 2014 at 21:20:48 UTC, Bruno Medeiros wrote:
I appreciate your enthusiasm, but in the future let me post the
release announcements myself.

In particular this was a minor release and likely not that worthy of
D.announce . There wasn't that many improvements or bug fixes either,
you are over-selling it.

Changelog for new release:

You may underestimate importance of dub dependency support :)

Seems like there was a misunderstanding here, little has changed in terms of dependency support (there was already support for DUB dependencies before).

The difference is just what happens when semantic operations are invoked (code completion, etc.), depending on the *editor* file where they are invoked. Before, if you invoked such an operation on a file from a DUB package, but that DUB package was not an Eclipse DDT project, the semantic operation would just resolve the elements in that module file, and see nothing else. It would not see DUB dependencies, nor even other source files from the same DUB package. This is what changed.

Bruno Medeiros

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