On Thursday, 4 September 2014 at 08:06:18 UTC, Brian Schott wrote:

DCD is an editor-independent autocompletion engine for the D programming language. If you've heard of Jedi or Gocode, you have a pretty good idea of what DCD does.

It's been a while since I've tagged a release of DCD. The important changes are summarized at the above link. The "tl;dr": it's faster, uses less RAM, crashes less, and I'm bad at VIM and Emacs extensions so you should get them from other people.

I'd like to give some special thanks to the GtkD project for pointing out that DCD used to be very bad at handling (literally) hundreds of files that publicly imported each other. :-)


The D lexing, parsing, and AST library that powers D-Scanner and DCD is its own project now. The major news items here are that I ran it through some fuzz testing, posted the library's generated documentation online, and registered it with code.dlang.org.

Thx for the regular updates. Although I dont use it for a very long time, it's true that the changes made during the latest weeks have improved it a lot.

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