Announcing, a frame-based profiler in D.

A profiler as-a-library that keeps track of overhead of every individual frame RAII-style API for recording profile data, and range-style API for processing the results (with std.algorithm and the like - no graphics interface yet). No GC allocations (and no heap allocations either - user must provide memory).

See example at:

Use case: my game has a rare lag that occurs once per minute. Profiler is useless because the lag is averaged out. To solve with

* Instrument code (add Zones, say, for rendering batches, physics, etc)
* Profile till the lag occurs.
* Get a range of frames (e.g. by filtering zones to get those named "frame")
* Sort the range
* Get the longest frame
* Filter a range of all zones to get only those with start/end time within the longest frame.
* Find the offending zone
* Done

Blog posts explaining what this is in detail (should be one post, but it ended up being too long):

API docs (with examples):

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