Hello Atila,
I've seen that cerealed has made much progress, it's now at v0.5.0
This post is for a feature request, I would like to use it with a struct like this:

import cerealed;

struct nested_associative_array { nested_associative_array[int] x; }

struct some_struct {
        string[] x;
        int[][] y;
        nested_associative_array[] z;

void main(char[][] args) {
        some_struct original, restored;

        auto enc = Cerealiser();
        enc ~= original;
        auto dec = Decerealiser(enc.bytes);
        restored = dec.value!(some_struct);


The serialization process compiles fine, but the restoring part fails to compile. I've tried to figure out how to do it, but I am still a beginner on D.
How difficult do you think it is?
The alternative, orange, works fine, but the struct I'm trying to export to disk is a few hundreds of MB in size and orange takes hours to complete and may also run out of memory. Your implementation, instead, is really fast and efficient!

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