Am 22.09.2014 12:24, schrieb Mathias Lang via Digitalmars-d-announce:
Awesome :)
Thanks for the time you put in dub, it has become a vital part in D now.

2014-09-22 11:33 GMT+02:00 Sönke Ludwig

    If you can think of any potentially important and especially
    backwards-incompatible changes/additions, please mention them
    (ideally as GitHub tickets), so that we can include them before the
    1.0.0 release.

Full shared library support (building them, and as dependency).

Sounds like a good candidate. Fortunately this would be a fully backwards compatible change, so that it wouldn't be a blocker per-se.

Aside from that, any plan to move the auto-tester to puremagic ?
Currently, Travis works under linux (IIRC OSX is not activated), so dub
is not auto-tested on windows. Also, the test cases are very basic.

That would be a good thing - with more tests (and that is definitely something that needs to be worked on, especially high level tests) it will be more important to have a Windows tester, too, but so far Travis/Linux has generally been sufficient, so there is no need for hurry.

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