On Wednesday, 1 October 2014 at 17:07:53 UTC, eles wrote:
For how long will the repository taken down? 24 hours? 3 days?

As long as nobody works on it, i.e. forever.

You speak about Red Hat or Debian or Ubuntu repositories? And? You cannot live without the super-updates for 3 days?

The problem that you expose is negligible.

I don't update software without a reason. Only when something bugs me.

Most of them, have. And for the release-style distributions, upgrade is rather straightforward

A have linux mint 12 installation with mint4win (wubi), on linux mint forums I was told, that updating from the latest repository won't work. I would be grateful, if you explain, how to upgrade it to the latest version. Yeah, theoretically it should be able to just overwrite files on disk without paying much attention to disk nature.

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