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True, but it does make auto-complete work properly when you open a single source file in a project, without having to manually set the current directory. Vim's current directory (either global or per-window) isn't part of my workflow*.

It could be an optional feature (a flag in .vimrc would be fine) with an override (temporarily manually specify the location of dub.json), but I think it makes a significant usability improvement.

I'm trying to think of a pathological case where it would be a bad idea, but I can't think of anything realistic.

*Am I doing something very wrong here? If using (l)cd in vim is part of almost everyone's workflow I should probably just start using it more and stop complaining :)

I usually open Vim at the project's and use NERDTree to navigate the file, but I suppose people that start Vim directly on the file they want to edit won't bother `cd`ing to the project's root every time, so we shouldn't force them to do so just so they can use Dutyl...

If I'm going to look up the tree to find dub.json anyways, I might as well export the project's root as part of the API. I can add a `dutyl#projectRoot()` that returns that value, and I can also add `:DUexecute` command that'll run a command in the project's root. That'll make it easier to call DUB from Vim using your type of workflow.

I'm still pondering though what to with the ConfigFile feature. `.dutyl.configFile` should mark the project's root, but it's creation could prove problematic. If the user opens a file deep in the source tree and runs `:DUConfigFileEditImportPaths` from there it'll create the config file in the wrong place...

And... it's done. Check out version 1.4.0

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