A few bugfixes:

- Fixed: Tests don't compile on DMD 2.064.2
- Fix a couple DDoc warnings (Hopefully fixing #23)
- Fix #24: BIT type didn't work and caused hangs/errors
- Fix #33: TEXT/TINYTEXT/etc types should be string, not ubyte[] like BLOB is (Thanks to RuShire)
- Fix #42: Can't login with empty password

Since fixing the TEXT types to return string instead of ubyte[] is a potentially-breaking change (it broke a couple minor things in the tests - now fixed of course), I've taken the opportunity to (finally!) advance mysql-native beyond v0.0.x: It's now v0.1.0 :)

I'm also, somewhat regretfully, deprecating support for DMD 2.063.2 and below. It's apparently *been* broken on those older versions anyway (and would be disruptive to fix) and AFAICS nobody seems to have noticed until I actually tried it earlier today. So I don't think it will be particularly missed.


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