On 10/6/14, 10:29 AM, Dicebot wrote:
On Monday, 6 October 2014 at 17:23:55 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
On 10/6/14, 9:51 AM, Dicebot wrote:

This is awesome. I recall Don had some solid performance numbers for
it in his talk, do you have any in the context of D2? -- Andrei

No, I didn't get to running any perf test so far. Did PR as soon as test
suite passes and commits looked sane. Will do eventually. Any specific
project you are interested in?

I'd love to see the impact on vibe.d but it is subject to
threading/malloc issue right now.

vibe.d would be great to test. Generally any realistic project would be relevant. -- Andrei

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