Paulo Pinto, el 11 de October a las 10:50 me escribiste:
> Am 11.10.2014 um 06:43 schrieb dennis luehring:
> >Am 11.10.2014 06:25, schrieb Andrei Alexandrescu:
> >>On 10/10/14, 7:54 PM, Walter Bright wrote:
> >>>On 10/10/2014 5:45 PM, Leandro Lucarella wrote:
> >>>>I still don't understand why wouldn't we use environment variables for
> >>>>what they've been created for, it's foolish :-)
> >>>
> >>>Because using environment variables to tune program X will also affect
> >>>programs A-Z.
> >>
> >>Nope. Try this at your Unix command prompt:
> >>
> >>echo $CRAP
> >>CRAP=hello echo $CRAP
> >>CRAP=world echo $CRAP
> >
> >in windows there are user-environment-variables (walter talking about)
> >and shell-environment variables (like in your example)
> >setting user-environement variables will affect every program
> >thats why java is not using them
> And lets not forget about OS/400 or any of the other non-POSIX
> systems out there, unless D is never expected to target such OSs.

You can use different mechanisms in different OSs. There is no need to
force a runtime to be OS-independent. If that were the case, then we
should close the concurrent GC pull request now.

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