Walter Bright, el 11 de October a las 20:41 me escribiste:
> On 10/11/2014 4:23 PM, Leandro Lucarella wrote:
> >It basically defines a bunch of environment variables and run the
> >binary. This is a super common practice in posix systems. We are not
> >inventing anything here. I don't know how windows or other OSs deal with
> >defining environment variables in a script.
> >
> >Very basic facilities are always configured this way, for example try
> >man 3 mallopt to see how can you change options in the malloc
> >implementation using environment variables...
> I don't deny it is common practice on Linux, but defining a bunch of
> environment variables and then running the app, i.e. using the ev's
> as command line switches, seems pointless. Just use command line
> switches.

Besides the extra flexibility, as mentioned many times, historically
command-line parsing is supposed to be owned by the user's code.
Libraries and runtimes are configured via environment variables. So, is
more flexible and is what a Linux user would expect.

> Anyhow, environment variables are a common source of problems on
> Windows, which is why dmd, for example, uses dmd.conf instead.

Fair enough, then maybe we should support them only on posix systems.

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