Regan Heath, el 14 de October a las 11:11 me escribiste:
> >I still don't understand why wouldn't we use environment variables for
> >what they've been created for, it's foolish :-)
> As mentioned this is not a very windows friendly/like solution.

As mentioned you don't have to use a unique cross-platform solution, you
can have different solutions for different OSs. No need to lower down to
the worse solution.

> Wouldn't it be more generally useful to have another function like
> main() called init() which if present (optional) is called
> before/during initialisation.  It would be passed the command line
> arguments.  Then a program can chose to implement it, and can use it
> to configure the GC in any manner it likes.
> Seems like this could be generally useful in addition to solving
> this issue.

It is nice, but a) a different issue, this doesn't provide
"initialization time" configuration. Think of development vs. devops. If
devops needs to debug a problem they could potentially re-run the
application activating GC logging, or GC stomping. No need to recompile,
no need to even have access to the source code.

And b) where would this init() function live? You'll have to define it
always, even if you don't want to customize anything, otherwise the
compiler will have to somehow figure out if one is provided or not and
if is not provided, generate a default one. Not a simple solution to

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