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> In all the years I've been working in Linux I never, EVER came across
> problems with environment variables being accidentally set. I find it
> very hard to believe this is a real problem. On the other hand, they
> saved my ass several times (LD_PRELOAD I LOVE YOU).

Slightly OT, but having to use Linux for the past 5 months and using
almost exclusively Windows before that for the better part of the last
~20 years, I have to say I've become a massive fan of the OS and the
way things work. I've come to even hate anything GUI (except maybe the
editor), I'd hate to even think about browsing the file system with a
mouse anymore.

Of course, all of this functionality was available on Windows as well,
but what I'm saying is a switch in one's environment (pardon the pun
:p) can make them realize that they may have been doing things the
slow or inefficient way.

So it's not so much about OS A vs OS B, but how used you are to doing
things one way. Maybe that's why there's this aversion towards using
environment variables.

Anyway those were my 2 eurocents..

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