Right, time for a new announcement from me.

First off the library I have been talking about called DWC has been renamed. It is now Under the banner of Devisualization, window[0] project.

Devisualization.window otherwise known as de_window is a window and context creation for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
It does need a good bit of testing especially on Linux.

In short, the goal of Devisualization Github organization is to promote game development and the libraries to facilitate it in D.

Projects I want made:
- Events/controls abstraction + GUI controls
- Native GUI controls (such as the menu for OSX)
- Virtual File System
- OpenGL wrappers and tooling
- Image loading/exporting (currently working on png)
- 3d model loading/exporting (.3ds .obj at the minimum)
- Scenegraph
- Audio loading/exporting
- Unity like interface
- Scripting
- Entity modeling

Not in any particular order and can very easily be added to. I'm sure there is a lot of code already available that can do some of these things, but to make it all work together nicely would be a challenge.

I did write up on my blog about all this [1], but you don't need to read it. It just goes into a bit more depth. About Cmsed and my web dev stuff, I haven't stopped working on it per-say. I'm waiting on e.g. [2].

[0] https://github.com/Devisualization/window
[1] http://blog.alphaglosined.tk/2014/11/window-creation-d-initiative.html
[2] https://github.com/D-Programming-Language/dmd/pull/3921

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