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I have been working on a media library, it still has a long way
to go,
but I figured its about time I shared what I am doing.


If I could possibly convince a few people out their to give'er a

I use XCB/XLIB/GLX directly, so I am not just simply wrapping SDL or SFML. And I am using XCB for event handling and opening windows.

Threading should work much more reliably, due to the use of XCB.

I am releasing the library under the BSD license,

Its a good start.
But instead of creating the window itself manually would you consider
using DWC [0]?

DWC is more or less done. But I need help with my plans for a game
framework in D.
If you're interested in helping with that please give me an email

[0] https://github.com/rikkimax/DWC

XLIB is an absolute train wreck when it comes to threading, call XPollEvent outside your draw thread will most likely segfault.

As well I need control of the opengl contexts, as I want to separate
drawing and loading into separate threads.

I need both good threading support, and control over my opengl
to fulfill the goals I have set for myself.

That said, it is a nice looking library. But it would not fulfill my

Fair enough. Threading is a major issue with those low level api's.

I eventually want to build a entity system, and make use of
parallel_foreach, or fibers/routines, and have a loading thread that can
get assets in an async fashion.

Large voxel/cube-voxel systems and mega texturing interest me, I feel like a small team could develop a big game with tools built around a
voxel system.

XCB mostly solves the threading issues that XLIB suffers from, However XCB has poor support for the input extensions, as of yet nothing that replaces xlookupstring, I hope to find a good work around at some point,
but it seems good "enough" for my needs.

Also I am not sure of how well XXf86vm extension is supported for full screen access, As I have yet to implement full screen windows.

Its a learning experience, however so I can't complain to much!

Interesting, just out of interest have you thought about separating it out and work independently of GUI's for e.g. game servers? Or would
that abstract it to the point of non-usefulness?

Yes, tho I have yet to put much thought into how that will all be put together. Working towards something that I could use in vibe.d, without any dependence on the windowing system would be important for a good

Depending on the needs of the game server, I would keep it apart from the web server aspect from vibe.d all together. By in large interacting with e.g. a task, shouldn't be hard but that's not quite why. The idea behind my actor framework Dakka [0] (although would need a bit of work for this sort of thing).

Share the data (including data models) between the web server and game server over sockets with method calling support. But keep its functions separate. Although the original context was all about having front end nodes for web development and backend nodes for interacting with e.g. VM's.

But that's just me rambling with not much reason.

[0] https://github.com/rikkimax/dakka

dwc has been an interesting read, using the dub configurations option, and separate directories for the different platforms seems much cleaner then my approach with version statements.

Your win32 code will be helpful when I get to that as well. Luckily win32 doesn't suffer the threading problems of xlib, nor does mac.

I will drop an email later tonight after work, I am sure their are a few area's where we can save time by sharing code, in so far as a larger framework is concerned.

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