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> I know it's a tough call. But I do see these sorts of comments regularly, and 
> it 
> is a fact that there are too many D libraries gone to seed that won't compile 
> anymore, and that makes us look bad.
but D wins in overall. being one of the architects in my bussiness i
was eagerly pushing D as our main development language. it's good that
this thing (and some other too) happens before i succeeded. now we keep
going with C++, as it fscks safety too, fscks principle of least
astonishment, almost never fixes inconsistencies, but it has alot more
libraries and i can hire alot more programmers with it. i'm still using
D as a language for my hobbyst throw-away projects though, and D is
great for such things. D wins, 'cause i *almost* stopped ranting (not
only in this NG) and just accepting it as is. well, almost as is, i'm
applying alot of patches over vanilla D. this, of course, makes my code
incompatible with every other D compiler out here, but luckily this is
not a concern anymore.

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