On Monday, 24 November 2014 at 19:22:52 UTC, Brian Schott wrote:
dfix is a tool for automatically upgrading the syntax of D source code.

Changes since 0.1.1:
* #1 dfix will now rewrite "const int foo() {}" to int foo() const {}" * #6 The C-style array syntax fix is no longer incorrectly applied to
  certain ASM statements.
* #9 You can now provide directory names as arguments to dfix in case you're too lazy to run find and xargs. (And really, who isn't?)
* #11 dfix is now registered on code.dlang.org.
* Added tests.

When trying to build dfix with dmd git master as

dub -v

I get

Generate target libdparse (staticLibrary /home/per/.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1 libdparse) Target '/home/per/.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1/.dub/build/library-debug-linux.posix-x86_64-dmd_2067-BB8147F4EBDBE336D187810BFAA258B4/liblibdparse.a' doesn't exist, need rebuild. Building libdparse 0.1.1 configuration "library", build type debug.
Running dmd...
dmd -lib -of../../.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1/.dub/build/library-debug-linux.posix-x86_64-dmd_2067-BB8147F4EBDBE336D187810BFAA258B4/liblibdparse.a -debug -g -w -version=Have_libdparse -I../../.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1/src -I../../.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1/src/ ../../.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1/src/std/allocator.d ../../.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1/src/std/d/ast.d ../../.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1/src/std/d/entities.d ../../.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1/src/std/d/formatter.d ../../.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1/src/std/d/lexer.d ../../.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1/src/std/d/parser.d ../../.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1/src/std/lexer.d ../../.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1/src/std/allocator.d(4229): Warning: instead of C-style syntax, use D-style syntax 'Allocator[(max - (min - 1)) / step] buckets' FAIL ../../.dub/packages/libdparse-0.1.1/.dub/build/library-debug-linux.posix-x86_64-dmd_2067-BB8147F4EBDBE336D187810BFAA258B4/ libdparse staticLibrary
Error executing command run:


I guess one solution would be to make warnings non-errors right but that seems dumb concerning what dfix can do for us regarding auto-converting C-style arrays syntax to D-style :)

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