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1) For the first time, there are eBook formats:



I used 'calibre' to generate those "alpha" quality books. I chose epub and mobi just because I thought that they are the most common formats. Just let me know if you need another format or simply use 'calibre' or another tool yourself. :)

2) There has been a lot of work to make the book ready for its first print edition. (I will spare you the details of countless hours of extra work that went into this "eternal final step".)

The PDF version finally looks a lot like a real book:

* There is a Table of Contents section

* There is an Index section

* The internal links work

3) There are two new chapters:

* Lvalues and Rvalues

* Nested Functions, Structs, and Classes

4) There are the following notable additions to existing chapters:

* 'pragma' is added to the Templates chapter

* Special keywords are added to the Templates chapter (__FILE__, __LINE__, etc.)

* Contract inheritance is added to the 'Contract Programming for Structs and Classes' chapter

* The .offsetof property and the 'align' atribute are added to the 'Memory Management' chapter

5) I am grateful to Andrej Mitrović, Steven Schveighoffer, and Luís Marques, who accepted to edit the book. However, they are through only less than 10% of the book so far. As always, current or future mistakes are mine. :)


Well done, Ali - I will buy the ePub once the book is done.

One suggestion: if you can, do what Ivan Ristic does with his SSL/TLS books (https://www.feistyduck.com). Basically, people who buy his books have unlimited access to book updates. Ivan is sending information about book updates whenever there is something new, so we readers can go back to the website and grab the latest version of the book.

I think this is a much better approach than book editions, as they may appear years after each other... Sure, it is more complicated, but I think it pays off, and I do not mind book being little bit more expensive if I can access updated version of it.


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