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On 11/26/2014 11:35 AM, Ali Çehreli wrote:

> I wonder whether Smashwords would allow me to also provide
the book for free
> on my site?

Found the answer to that question:

"6c. Free Copies. As administrator of your work, Author may use the Smashwords platform to distribute complimentary copies of the work, or personally email free files to people, even when you are generally charging a fee. However, Smashwords files cannot be mass-distributed via download at blogs, websites or other retailers outside the Smashwords network."


I think you are misinterpreting that clause. I had never heard of Smashwords before, so I just looked at their site and their TOS. What they do is take your book in doc format and generate ebook formats that can be sold online and to other book retailers, as detailed in clause 5 of their TOS:

"5. Formats of Digital Conversions. Author shall submit their Work as a Microsoft Word .doc file. Smashwords shall utilize its proprietary Meatgrinder technology to convert the book into multiple ebook formats, and publish the work for use in sampling, distributing and selling the work. The author/publisher is not authorized to independently sell or distribute Smashwords-generated file conversions outside of the Smashwords site or Smashwords distribution network without first receiving written permission from Smashwords (in other words, you cannot use Smashwords as a free file conversion service so you can sell the files elsewhere). You acknowledge that if you violate this requirement, you may forfeit any accrued earnings at Smashwords, and your account may be deleted without notification."

I believe both clauses simply says you cannot distribute their converted ebook files: note that 6c says you cannot mass distribute "Smashwords files", not "the Work," which is how they refer to your book itself. They also say on their site that you are free to use other distributors and retain copyright over your work.

Few would fault you for not wanting to give away free copies if you're selling the book, but I don't think Smashwords has a say in the matter.

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