On 30/11/2014 1:20 p.m., Dylan Knutson wrote:
MongoModel in the model part of crate.d is interesting, and I'm glad to
see there's a more structured way of interacting with MongoDB than just
poking at untyped objects. I think D is still missing a really good ORM
(Rikki's dvorm is a start), but there's nothing out there that conforms
to the "activerecord" pattern as far as I can tell.

There is hibernated around, but something about it always made me go yeah no. But so does actual hibernate so meh.

Dvorm was meant as a very simple interface completely abstracted out from the database engine itself :) It does this very well, even can send/receive emails!

I would like to eventually build another library that is backwards compatible with Dvorm but with a lot more features. And far less database engine abstracted away.
Mostly so things like Cmsed don't need a full rewrite.
But alas, I'm trying to improve the situation for gui's atm.

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