On 12/12/2014 17:06, Bruno Medeiros wrote:
A new DDT version is out. Even though it's a minor release, I'm
announcing this one here, because it fixes a critical performance bug,
introduced in 0.10.0 (DUB support), but only discovered recently:


The bug is #88, it would cause major delays when using code completion
and other semantic features in dub packages that had subpackages (or
depended on subpackages, directly or indirectly)

Oh and also, I would like to make a call for anyone who experiences performance problems or other similar issues to report those or mention them in a relevant thread. Otherwise they might go unnoticed, just as this one did! I don't currently work with large D projects, nor even with D projects that use large libraries (like DWT or GtkD), so such issues can easily be missed for a long time by me if no else reports them.

Bruno Medeiros

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