Apparently I've never announced this here, so here we go.

I have written, and started maintaining D bindings for the GCCJIT library, available on github at this location:


What is GCCJIT?
GCCJIT is a new front-end for gcc that aims to provide an embeddable shared library with an API for adding compilation to existing programs using GCC as the backend.

This shared library can then be dynamically-linked into bytecode interpreters and other such programs that want to generate machine code "on the fly" at run-time.

The library is of alpha quality and the API is subject to change. It is however in development for the next GCC release (5.0).

How can I use it?
See the following link for a hello world program.


I am currently in the process of Ddoc-ifying the documentation that comes with the C API binding and moving that across to the D API. Improvements shall come over the next months - though any assistance in making the Ddocs prettier are welcome contributions.


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