Harbored-mod is a documentation generator based on Brian Schott's


It supports (a non-conflicting subset of) Markdown besides DDoc,
so Markdown can be used together with DDoc in documentation

Some other features:

* Decent defaults. `hmod source` will generate rather usable
  documentation very similar to this one:
* CSS and main page content can be overridden.
  Extra content can be added to the table of contents
  (e.g. links to non-DDoc generated documentation,
   I use it to link to tutorials/articles written in
* Documented config file you can write all command-line options
  to, so just typing `hmod` will regenerate the docs.
* Generated file paths are same as those generated by DDox,
  so links will not break if moving from one to the other.

Examples of generated docs (work-in-progress Tharsis docs)





* GitHub: https://github.com/kiith-sa/harbored-mod
* Original Harbored: https://github.com/economicmodeling/harbored


Harbored-mod started as an attempt to remove things I didn't want
from Harbored (inability to work without JS, frames, etc.) but
I ended up with more changes than I originally intended, and I
think at this point it might be useful for other people as well.

I pushed it into a separate repository because I don't think at
this point it can be sanely merged into harbored (plus there are
those features I removed).

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