Works fine for me on windows, after running 'dub upgrade'.

I tested the SharedLibVersion with a 2.0.1 and a 2.0.3 SDL dll.
With the 2.0.3 dll, I could call functions added in SDL 2.0.2 even when using SharedLibVersion(2, 0, 0) - is this intended behaviour?

With the 2.0.1 DLL I got the expected 'Failed to load symbol' error without using the SharedLibVersion, or using SharedLibVersion(2, 0, 2).

However, if I call one of the functions added in SDL 2.0.2 when loading the 2.0.1 context, I get an 'object.Error@(0): Access violation' error. Would it be possible to get a more informative error message in this case?

Highly appreciate your work on Derelict, BTW.

On Wednesday, 31 December 2014 at 01:35:32 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
I've added a new feature to Derelict that I'd appreciate some feedback on. It works for me, but I want to verify that it works in the wild before I expand it to other packages and move forward with another feature I plan to add. You can read more about it in my blog post at [1].

If you are using DerelictSDL2 in a project, I'd appreciate it if you'd change your dependency to "derelict-sdl2": ">=1.9.0" and let me know if it breaks your build or not. And if you aren't using any of the functions added in SDL 2.0.2, then I'd also appreciate it if you'd test the new feature as described in the blog post:

// If you require functions in 2.0.1
DerelictSDL2.load( SharedLibVersion( 2, 0, 1 ));

// If you don't need any functions beyond 2.0.0
DerelictSDL2.load( SharedLibVersion( 2, 0, 0 ));

The goal is to allow you to load any version of SDL that your app can support from one package. I've noticed that most people tend to use the highest version of DerelictSDL2 (1.2.x), which only loads SDL 2.0.2 and 2.0.3 and will fail with the lower versions, even though they aren't using any of the newer API additions.

If you have a package you maintain that uses DerelictUtil for loading, you do not need to implement this yourself. It is entirely optional. Not all DerelictOrg packages will get this. However, if it makes sense in the context of the library you are loading, please consider implementing it and letting me know how it goes. Essentially, you'll need to change your dependency to "derelict-util":">=1.9.0" and override the new protected method configureMinimumVersion in your loader to install a library-specific MissingSymbolCallback. I've linked an example in the blog post.


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