First, creating temporary files with predictable names is a bad idea, because it opens the door for symlink attacks. Unfortunately, I don't know of an alternative way to do this safely using only the standard library; it seems, this crucial functionality is missing. I've asked here:

TypeScript compiler doesn't accept stdin pipes, I tried using Unix fifo but since I'm not an Unix expert, couldn't figure it out. The last thing was using a temporary file -- which also sounds not good to me :)

The second thing is that you're using `pipeShell()`, which takes only the entire command as a parameter. Because this command will be interpreted by the shell, you have to make sure that all you're arguments are correctly escaped. However, in your case you don't actually need a shell; `pipeProcess()` is a better solution, because it takes the argument list as an array:

    auto pipes = pipeProcess(
        ["tsc", inputFileName, "--out", outputFileName],
        Redirect.stderrToStdout | Redirect.stdout

It really makes sense, I'm going to update -- you also can open a PR.

I met the language yesterday, I wrote the package yesterday :) I don't know internals, but when I learn them, (which is happening by now) going to fix it,

Thanks for your detailed comments! :)

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