I'm glad to announce this new release of Coedit. Here is a summary of what's new since last public announce:

new features:
- project configuration widget, the configurations can be edited in synchro-mode. It can be activated by clicking the chain icon at the right of the widget toolbar. - tool chaining, each tool can include a list of tool to execute before and after the item, according to their aliases. - editor cache, between two cessions Coedit remembers the position, the folding, the selection and the zoom of a document. cache files are located in the options and data folder, in a sub directory named editorcache. - static macros, auto insertion (or insertion using SHIFT+SPACE). see wiki, editor widget section. Macros can be edited in a dedicated file, located in the option folder. - new widget managing the TODO comments found within the sources. It automatically handles the context, for example in an orphan source or among all the project sources. Refer to the wiki for more information. - menu File, Run file unittests, compile and execute the current editor with -main and -unittest. useful to test a particular module which belongs to a project.

- under Linux, it was necessary to save a project before adding the sources. Now they can be added from the beginning and relative paths will be translated correctly. - a display problem could append under certain circumstances, suggesting that a file would be overwritten by another. Fortunately this was only a visual bug.
- DCD integration, start faster.


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